Accutane can be prescribed by your doctor if your have nodular acne (severe form) that did not respond to any other methods of treatment. Every woman of a child-bearing potential must take a pregnancy test a month before taking Accutane and a month after taking the last dose (this is required by the iPLEDGE program). Unless a female patient had a total hysterectomy or the menopause started at least a year ago, they are considered patients of child-bearing potential. Do not purchase this medicine from unreliable pharmacies that do not require a prescription. During the whole period of treatment a number of medical tests will need to be performed to make sure you benefit from this medicine and it is not causing dangerous side effects.

If you are allergic to isotretinoin, parabens, or there is any possibility you may become pregnant you mustn't take this medicine. Tell your doctor if you have diabetes, bone disorders, eating disorders, asthma, liver disease, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, a history of mental illness or depression (personal or running in the family). You should also inform your doctor of any drugs you are currently taking to prevent drug interference.

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